About Dampjuice

Dampjuice was established in 2014 to provide consumers around the world a good and safe way to buy electronic cigarettes and e-juice. We have the lowest prices and best quality! All prices are in Euros.

Inquiries to us will be answered in English or Norwegian.

We are leading the market with quality products from developed manufacturers. We relate to the EU's consumer protection laws that are one of the best in a world.

Our e-juices are produced in the UK and France with high standards of taste, hygiene and good manufacturing practices. We do not want to offer e-juices which are produced under questionable circumstances or environment, because, in the end, our customers inhale them.

No production is carried out in Lithuania. Only packing and shipping is taking place there.

We also have customer service and communication in English and Norwegian

All our products have a 18+ age limit.

Good vaping!

UAB Dampjuice
A. Smetonos g. 5
01115 Vilnius

Contact Us:

Tel: +370 658 33354 (Lithuania)
Tel: +47 484 64 558 (Norway)