About E-juice

E-juice is sold with and without nicotine. 

Our bottles of e-juice are 10 ml as of 20/05/2016 it is the largest volume that can be sold in the EU. Our e-juices are 30/70 PG/VG.

What does e-juice contain?
E-juice contains common substances that you can buy over the counter. Our juices contain no synthetic drugs or substances considered dangerous.

Is e-juice dangerous?
Although the actual liquid usually contains no hazardous substances so disputed the effect of nicotine. Nicotine is found in nature and many things we eat / drink contain nicotine. We're not allowed to say that nicotine is harmless, but there are no scientific studies which say that it is harmful in small quantities. E-juice are meant to be vaped and are not drinkable. Assertions that it is harmful to have e-juice on the skin are completely without reasoning. Just as one makes sure that children do not ingest cleaners (which are much more dangerous than e-juice), it should be taken that they do not get access to e-juice. Our e-juices are produced in England and France under strict hygienic regulations.
Our e-juices contain no diacetyl, acetone, or 2,3-pentanedione as studies show to be dangerous.

Can you completely quit smoking tobacco and vapor instead?
Most people quit smoking cigarettes completely and vape instead. Some do both, and some users are vaping as a mean to quit smoking completely in a future.

What comes out of e-cigarette?
What comes out is pure vapor from substances in e-juice. There is no tar or other harmful additives, which can be found in regular cigarettes. No scientific studies show that e-cigarette vapor is associated with any risk to "snoop" into the steam coming from a person who vapes e-juice.

Will I gain weight when I go over to e-cigarettes?
No! The reason why some people gain weight when quitting regular cigarettes is that a person replaces smoke with candies and food. With e-cigarette user will be in position just like when he smokes conventionally, having something in his mouth and something in his hands. And nicotine will also curb hunger feeling.

Will there be marks on the walls and ceilings by vaping inside, as from tobacco?
No. It is all the toxic chemicals and tar in tobacco that settle on walls and ceilings. This does not occur with the use of e-cigarette. Therefore, many like vaping inside with good conscience. Also in a car, hotel etc.

What about damage to the teeth?
There is no evidence about the damage such as from tobacco / snuff on teeth and gums. In addition, snuff is much more unhealthy for gums than tobacco smoking.

How much e-juice is expected to be used?
This is very variable based on how much a person vapes. Regular consumption is 10-20ml per week. So it's MUCH cheaper than smoking.

Is it allowed to smoke inside?
It is necessary to pay attention. An owner of a local shop, cafe or any other indoor could allow vaping inside if he/she wants. One good tip is to ask if it is allowed. E-juices with cigarette flavor will create more smoke in the air. Other flavors can give a scent of mint, caramel etc.

Is vaping equally negative as smoking ordinary cigarettes?
No, no and no again! Tobacco smoking is proven to have lots of harmful effects because of tar and thousands of other secret agents which tobacco manufacturers put in their products to get the right taste, as well as addiction enhancing agents. Even Health Agency cannot demonstrate that vaping is harmful. 

Do e-juices create a lot of mess?
It's like with most liquids with odor / taste. If spilled over the floor or other surfaces, there will be odor. Most e-juices smell good so there is no problem. There is absolutely no corrosive substances in our liquids.

What about smoke breath and smoke smell on clothes and other things?
You do not get smoke breath or something similar. The breath would rather get a smell as if you would get to eat or drink something with a lot of flavor in it. Many think however it is pleasant to smell the steam coming from the one who vapes. This smell does not set itself in to clothes.