About flavors and nicotine strength

Many people think that it has to have tobacco taste to get the same effect as tobacco. This is not correct and most people choose a flavor that tastes/smells good. It is nicotine which makes you get some of the same feeling as with smoking tobacco.
We have flavors suitable for all the people and that are very popular. It can also be beneficial to try different flavors for a variety. At first it may be difficult to know what you would like the best, for this reason we recommend to order 2-3 different flavors in the beginning.


Nicotine Strength
We have four different nicotine strengths. 0%, 6.0%, 1.2% and 1.8%. The most common are 1.2% and 1.8%. If you have a very big demand for nicotine 1.8% is okay, but most begin with 1.2% and even go further down to 0.6%. This will also be reflected in how strong e-juice feels. It is also possible to mix down. If a person buys a 1.2% and 0% and mix them in the same bottle, 0.6% will be obtained.