We have chosen to use ClearHaus to process payments on Visa and Master Card. The advantage of this, is an easier payment solution where a customer does not have to use the chip code.

You would only need to enter a basic card information.


There are no fees for a customer paying by card. Seller pays all fees.

ClearHaus is among the largest providers of online payment services and it is completely safe to use. Customers will see in his browser that they are on a secure page with encrypted information. Never use payment services where this is not the case.


What about invoice or cash on delivery?

We are not sending out payments on invoices. This is due to the operation cost for the customer. Cash on delivery is also not available because it will incur a large cost to the customer too.


What if I want my money back?

Then just contact us. When the dispute is resolved, please contact your bank for reimbursement.