Safety regulations

YOU MUST BE eighteen (18) years old, to buy some of our products.

◾ If any nicotine product is swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately.
◾ Nicotine is not safe for pregnant women, or women who think they might be pregnant, or trying to conceive.
◾ All nicotine products must be kept away from children and pets.
◾ Keep your e-juice the same way as you would if it was a bottle of bleach, ammonia or other household poison.
◾ Nicotine is highly addictive drug.
◾ Keep it in the child-proof bottle it comes in.
◾ Use caution when filling to avoid unnecessary spills.
◾ If you feel unwell seek medical assistance immediately and show the label if possible.
◾ The main components of e-juice are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin both used in a wide range of basic food goods. Fragrance and nicotine are added with varying strength.

If you need an advice on nicotine strengths, please contact us before you order. Please do the same if you have any medical problems related to our products or their contents.
Consult with your doctor before using them.