Troubleshooting and Support

Here we will describe some problemic situations and how to solve them.

Instructions for EVOD starter kits

Tutorial Videos for EVOD starter kits

Read this if you have received a shipment where it tastes burnt.

The battery only flashes when I press the button on it
This is because the battery is depleted and must be recharged

Battery button does not lit when I press it
Then probably the battery is switched off. Press the battery button 5 times in a quick succession. This is a way to turn the battery on or off.

Battery is not charging
The battery charger will illuminate green when there is no battery connected or the battery is fully charged. When you screw a battery into a charger, charger indicator light turns red and the button on the battery should lit. If this does not happen, check if the battery charger is plugged in properly, and that contacts on the charger and the battery are clean and dry. Wipe them once in a while.

It is rattling a lot when I vape and there is little steam
Hold an e-cigarette with mouthpiece up. Shake it in the air like a drumstick. It will get liquid out of the nozzle, which has been collected there. This should be done outside or in a sink so that vaping liquid (e-juice) would not fall on the furniture or floors.

Only a little amount of steam comes out
Whether the battery is almost empty, a coil needs to be replaced or it is almost empty of e-juice.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact us here.