Danish coffee e-juice, e-væske med nikotin

Danish Coffee


This is another episode from Trip’s World Tour of Flavour!

Sat in a small cafe on the banks of the river Seine in Paris, Trip was disappointed. He had been all over France in search for something new, but he had found nothing, not a single dessert, drink, sweet or tobacco made his master juice senses tingle.

Just as Trip was about to go home defeated, a beautiful Parisian waitress approached him to take his order. Trip explained his dilemma to her but instead of looking concerned, her face lit up with a perfect smile.

“You stay right here,” she said. “I have something for you.”

The waitress returned with a mug of steaming coffee. Trip wasn’t too impressed, after all he had spent weeks trying substandard coffee. After one sip though his opinion changed completely, there was something special about this drink although it was definitely coffee there was cinnamon too.

The waitress explained that it was an original blend of coffee combined with the flavours of cinnamon Danish. Trip hand never tried anything like this and decided that the world of vapers needed to try it too, so as soon as he got back to England he created this incredible juice.

Bottle size is 10 ml. Mix ratio 30/70 PG/VG (Don't pay attention to this if you do not understand what this means)

About the producer: Trip Hammer is the champion e-juice mixer. He mixes natural and organic flavourings to create fantastic taste sensations. With many years of experience he has the goal to produce e-juices you will not find at any other place. Each flavor is unique and has its own character.