Innokin  iClear 16 tank

Innokin iClear 16 tank

A simple and good quality tank with transparent glass and top filler. A better alternative to the EVOD tank since it has dual coil (2 heating elements). This gives a smooth vape production and good taste.

Additional / replacement coils can be purchased here


Replaceable 2.0 ohm coil.

Capacity: 1.6 ml

Cheap to maintain (only coils need to be replaced)

It is important to leave tank filled with e-juice for 5-10 minutes before first use, to avoid burnt taste.

1xInnokin iClear16 tank with 2.0 ohm coil

To fill the tank with e-juice, take off the black nozzle on top, hold the tank at a little angle and fill it so that you see the fluid flowing into the tank and up to the 1.6 ml mark. Be careful not to fill it in the center pin hole of the tank as this is an air duct.

Watch video here