Kanger Aerotank Mini
Kanger Aerotank Mini
Kanger Aerotank Mini
Kanger Aerotank Mini
Kanger Aerotank Mini

Kanger Aerotank Mini

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Aero Tank Mini - a Topmodel Kanger which gives a wonderful flavor and looks very stylish.

You will clearly notice the difference in taste experience from a standard tank.

It has a new evaporator head with so-called double coil. That means there are two coils spun around each of their wicks in the evaporator head. Common evaporator heads have a coil and a bundle of wicks.

Possibility to adjust an air flow in the cover is a new feature found only on more advanced tanks. This provides an ability to optimize vapor density and resistance to extract the perfect vapor / air mixture. This tank has a double bottom, so that juice will never leak onto the battery connector.

You can switch between clear glass and stainless steel. Both are located in the package.

This is an ideal solution for those who want the best they can get from a standard size e-cigarette.

Some e-juice can damage ordinary plastic tanks. This is not the case you will  have to think about using Aerotank Mini with a Pyrex glass and steel tank, which is also very easy to clean in order to remove old taste.

The difference between this and Kanger Aero Tank V2 is that Aero Tank Mini has 1.3ml capacity, while Aero Tank has 2.5ml capacity. Furthermore, Aero Tank V2 has a transition part from battery since the tank is slightly wider than the battery.

Package contains:
Glass Tank 1.3ml capacity
Metal Tank 1.3ml capacity
2 coils 2.0 Ohm
Everything comes in a nice box.

P.S: Note that AeroTanks use other coils than EVOD / Aspire tanks. You can buy coils here